1st Place Robot Design Award

Our Gethsemane Lego League team, “Tec Ink” competed in Raleigh at the Regionals Lego League tournament on April 3rd and won FIRST PLACE in Robot Design! Gethsemane was competing in the Lego League, which is primarily comprised of middle school competitors. Our team impressed the robot design judges with their interesting attachments, use of the

3rd Place Spelling Bee Award

Many of our Gethsemane students were eager to go down to Orangeburg, South Carolina to participate in the conference-wide Spelling Bee and Math Derby Competition of the South Atlantic Conference. As a result of their academic preparation, Gethsemane came back home with 2 wins. Congratulations to Kaylyn (6th grade) coming in at 3rd place for


ENROLL TODAY Starting a new school year is always an exciting year! It’s a new beginning for opportunities for each child to learn and grow. It is an investment for parents that believe that their child will gain knowledge, wisdom, and a closer walk with God. We are excited about having your child here at

Ms. Ijeoma Nwannunu’s Legacy

Former Principal 2017-2021 We would like to acknowledge the great success and accomplishments that were made under the leadership of our dear principal Ms. Ijeoma Nwannunu. We could not have imagined all of the gains that were made during her tenure here. Though Ms. Ijeoma Nwannunu no longer serves as GCSJA principal, we would like


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