Former Principal 2017-2021

We would like to acknowledge the great success and accomplishments that were made under the leadership of our dear principal Ms. Ijeoma Nwannunu. We could not have imagined all of the gains that were made during her tenure here. Though Ms. Ijeoma Nwannunu no longer serves as GCSJA principal, we would like to acknowledge the legacy that she has left behind.   


During her four years of leadership, there have been multiple grants written for the school to increase the quality of education. She has brought in about $30,000 in grants, keeping the school finance in good standing. Also, enrollment has increased by 350%, as she implemented a rigorous curriculum for the school. Most of all, her presence in the school building was felt by everyone- from the students and their families, to the Southeast Raleigh community. Kaylyn, a student in Ms. Nwannunu’s class shares what she loves about Ms. Nwannunu. “She makes sure we have what we need. She makes sure we enjoy learning. She makes sure we have a reason to come to school. She makes sure we all try to get along with each other”. Many students, families, and school community members also expressed how much they appreciated her and the vision she had for the school. Mrs. Carter, a school parent said, “I loved how she maintained an academic rigor for all the students even during the Covid-19 pandemic. My daughter who is in the 3rd grade has increased her critical thinking skills and is even able to do 4th level grade work because of how Ms. Nwannanu teaches.”


It is without question why so many family and community members came and maxed out the seating limits during the school’s graduation commencement program. The last event that she would host. There were many tributes, gift presentations, and plaques being awarded- not only to their school graduate of the year 2021, but to the principal that we all love. We will never forget Ms. Nwannunu, a principal who truly impacted the lives of her community.