Since our establishment in 1928, we have been shaping lives physically, mentally and spiritually; producing graduates with a commitment to serve God and their fellow man. We are a multi-lingual, coeducational, preparatory day school for students in grades K – 10 located on a beautiful 6.5 acre campus in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Gethsemane Christian SDA School is accredited with the Board of Regents of the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and meets the standards established by the State of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


Our campus includes;

Our main academy building, which is where most of our learning takes place

Our sanctuary, which holds many of our spiritual programs as well as our weekly church services, and

Our building project.  Gethsemane is in the process of building a new facility which will include state of the art classrooms, a kitchen facility, and much more! This is a wonderful addition to our campus, and we are excited about this new facility that will serve as a compliment to our growing school.


Our K-10 academy building is where our elementary, middle, and high school program is implemented. This building holds the foundation which strives to create a nurturing environment for all.  Each child is encouraged to pursue their spiritual gifts, demonstrate a Christ-like character, and challenged to grow holistically as they walk with the Lord. Our students leave this building more confident, prepared, and ready to tackle future challenges as they continue to matriculate through higher education institutions.



Right at the heart of our campus is our sanctuary. Outside of our regularly held services, we encourage our families to participate in major events such as our annual Christmas play, Education Day service, and our graduation and award ceremonies.

We welcome you to our weekly services and church events. We call this place our garden of community-a place where anyone can come and cultivate their spiritual life.



Our students are critical thinkers who have a wide range of knowledge that is applied in solving problems in our world. The students get to learn about God and know that He is important to them. The camaraderie with each other in our school is like no other.