We would like to introduce to you our very special and talented art teacher who has served our school for over 8 years. Meet Mr. Fernandez.


There are so many interesting stories about how our teachers became a part of the Gethsemane family, and Mr. Fernandez’s story is one of them.

Mr. Fernandez started off as just a supportive parent before he was called.

“Both my sons attended Gethsemane Christian Academy when we moved here in the area in 2013. The school had an amazing spiritual foundation. We could see how they were learning and they enjoyed it.”


One day, Mr. Greenidge, the interim principal-teacher at the time, told the kids that he was in need of an art teacher and Mr. Fernandez’ son volunteered him.


“Mr. Greenidge found me and asked me when can I start teaching art. I said, ‘how do you know that I could teach art?’ He said, ‘Oh, sorry, your son said that you were an artist and that you would be willing to teach art. So when are you available to start?’ I didn’t even know that my son volunteered me, but ever since then Mr. Greenidge would come to find me and convince me to teach art at the school. I finally gave in and started teaching art for the school.


That was over 8 years ago. And our students have fallen in love with Art class-learning their primary and secondary colors and building their basic skills in painting with acrylic and drawing with charcoal.


Mr. Fernandez’ heart of service doesn’t stop with him, but it’s found in his whole family. Mr. Fernandez’ wife, Margaret, taught Spanish class, helped organize our huge international festival event, and cultural day.


It’s no wonder that the Fernandez family has a heart of service. It’s a part of who they are.  Mr. Fernandez has a passion for mental health. He and his wife own an organization called Solaz, a mental health organization that serves Raleigh and the Wake County community.


Both the Fernandez’ sons have since graduated from Gethsemane but the Fernandez’s continue to serve at our school. What makes them stick around? “We really appreciate the school because of all the support that we received when they attended here. We really saw a difference in our children”. And that makes us believe in Adventist education as a whole”.


Thank you Mr. Fernandez for your service and support in Christian education. We are very appreciative of all that you do for our school!