Many of us know that Dr. Cornwall is an educator by heart, teaching at Shaw University for over 37 years. But where did it all begin?


“I put the shovel in the ground of the church”. Yes, she is talking about when the Gethsemane Church building was only just a thought. Dr. Loñieta Cornwall had been a present supporter of the church and school dating all the way back in the late 1970’s.  Living so close to the church’s campus, it only made sense to become a part of the church’s ministry. She participated as a member,  teacher, and even as the school board chair throughout her years of ministry.


Then just about 20 years ago, she decided to participate in a church plant to continue to bring others to the love of Christ in Franklinton, North Carolina. This aided in the foundation of  the Franklinton Seventh Day Adventist Church. She had been serving there as a member ever since but never left her Gethsemane community. 


Dr. Cornwall has lots of talents, from theater, to music and dance. One of her most gifted projects was creating the school’s anthem. “I actually had it in mind to create a song that would be good for any SDA Christian school. It just didn’t stick with many schools except for Gethsemane”. And with that, the Gethsemane’s school’s anthem was created and cherished, as it is sung each year during our graduation ceremonies.  “I wish I could take credit for that song but truly it was the Lord that gave it to me from beginning to end”. 


The song highlights an SDA author, E.G. White, who states, “Higher than the highest human thought can think is God’s ideal for His children”. We know that Dr. Cornwall sets high standards for every single child that walks through those Gethsemane school doors. And by her effective teaching practices and strategies, each child reaches that expectation of academic excellence. Thank you Dr. Cornwall for believing in our children and for your many years of service.


Please see this link to learn more about Dr. Cornwall’s professional background and awards.